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EDI Services

EDI explained

 EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) enables computer systems to talk between each other by digitally exchanging data via the internet.

 There are standardized formats such as x12 and EDIFACT which are the EDI file types that carry the data between business computer systems.

 EDI represents a fundamental change in the way companies transact business. It replaces paper-intensive functions with efficient electronic transactions and eliminates the need for printing and mailing business information. By using standard formats and languages, the computerized data can be electronically transmitted between two companies and interpreted automatically.

 The process of sending data via EDI requires a series of steps on the part of the sending and receiving partners (known as Trading Partners). Once the foundation of your EDI message is defined, most of these steps will be either automated or proceduralized.

What we offer!

 GEDIMS offers Managed EDI Services that will allow you to become compliant with all the requirements that your trading partner demands. We also provide custom solutions for file conversion, eliminating manual data entry and automating your business data processes.

 With our simple easy to use online portal just upload your data file which is exported from your computer system and we translate and transmit your document to the required trading partner. We then provide confirmation that all documents have been recieved providing piece of mind.

 Using our advanced EDI system we are able to complete all types of industry specific EDI transactions and we are always 100% connected to the internet with no downtime due to a 3 tier internet connection using separate networks such as cable, DSL and cellular.

 If you are in the market to explore the possibility of moving away from an internally managed and capitalized EDI infrastructure over to a completely managed EDI solution then GEDIMS is where you want to be.

 Our Managed security solutions use the latest security technology to provide cost-effective premise-based Firewall, point-to-point Virtual Private Network (VPN) services and secure remote access. GEDIMS managed security solutions offer exceptional security such as:

  • Network protection from external attacks
  • Secure communication between offices, data facility and remote users using IPSec network authentication and encryption
  • Encrypted data over a private IP connection
  • End-to-end protection with an integrated backup and disaster recovery solution
  • Secure, reliable, certified data protection infrastructure

 To get things started, we work with you to determine which of your business processes can be handled by GEDIMS. Next we perform a detailed analysis of your daily business activit. This includes identifying what departments are directly impacted by our EDI services, the contact points for those departments and their critical information needs. The end result of this analysis is a document that will detail your EDI business process and enable our EDI professionals to manage your EDI operation.


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