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EDI Mapping

 Mapping is transferring data from a document to one or more other document types simultaneously, for example the data received in an excel file can be converted to a word and pdf document at the same time, then being displayed in both documents exactly the way you want based on your required layout.

 EDI Mapping allows data exchange between your business and its partners/clients with measurably improved efficiency, elevating profitability, customer relationships and long-term success. In contrast, ineffective EDI mapping ties up resources and creates problems that affect your entire organization. Regardless of your environment, you can count on us to provide the industry’s most competitive pricing and experienced EDI mappers who will get the project completed on time to meet your goals. We can help with every aspect of mapping with all EDI types to and from other data documents to your required input/output format such as excel, word, acrobat pdf and many more as well as customized outputs for example import files for accounting software such as SAGE, Intuit, etc.

 If you need custom reports of data received via EDI then we can provide an automated solution based on your requirements.

 The layout of the output document is very important and using our mapping service you will receive exactly what you require without the following expenses:

  • No expensive EDI software to buy
  • No mapping to do
  • No partner scheduling to manage
  • No systems to maintain
  • No staff to hire - refocus your staff to other strategic initiatives

 You may have a situation where a lot of manual entry is required for specific documents or software, we can provide the documents or even import files for your software to eliminate wasted hours spent on labor and preventing keying errors. By using our mapping service we can provide your business with a solution to improve your business processes and reducing costs associated with the workflow. Image example below:

EDI mapping and translation services Speed and accuracy is very important in all business models
and that is what you will receive with the services
and solutions we provide at GEDIMS.

 You can request a mapping solution using our contact form here.


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