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x12 600 Series EDI Transaction Sets

Below is a list of x12 600 series transaction sets that we process and transmit between numerous trading partners.

The transaction sets below have additional information which is accessed by clicking on its name, all information is provided from multiple sources including the Accredited Standards Committee X12. ASC X12 Standard [Table Data]. Data Interchange Standards Association, Inc.

EDI U.S. Customs Export Shipment Information (601)

This transaction set can be used by exporters or their agents, carriers, and service providers to transmit export shipment information to the U.S. Customs Service (USCS).

EDI Transportation Services Tender (602)

This transaction set can be used to communicate rates and tender information. The transaction set permits the transmission of one docket containing all data for tender, such as names of parties, commodities, location points, shipment conditions, notes, rates (point-to-point, scale), and other charges. This transaction set is used by a carrier to submit a new tender or amendments to an existing tender. This transaction set is also used by the government to distribute transportation rates to interested parties. This transaction set fulfills the U.S. government requirements for tender offers but is not restricted to government use only. This transaction set is multi-directional between trading parties.

EDI Excavation Communication (620)

The transaction set can be used to communicate information related to excavations for the purposes of attaining either clearance for the excavation or to have the potentially impacted parties locate any affected assets and supervise the excavation process or both.

EDI Intermodal Ramp Activity (622)

The transaction set can be used to transmit specific intermodal ramp facility activities to consignors and other carriers or shippers' agents, when the activity takes place. This activity includes in-gate, out-gate, ramp, and de-ramp.

EDI Well Information (625)

The transaction set facilitates the exchange of engineering, geological and environmental information related to non-financial well activities. The transaction set can be used between private industry trading partners to relay information about joint venture well activities or between private industry and government agencies.

EDI Maintenance Service Order (650)

This transaction set provides a uniform, singular medium for the exchange of maintenance related information among organizations involved in the reporting, requesting, scheduling, planning, estimating, coordinating and performing of maintenance actions. It provides the structure to convey maintenance-related information, including maintenance action directives, maintenance actions, cost estimates, maintenance action assignments, maintenance action status, and completion reports. This transaction set can be used in a bi-directional environment alone or in conjunction with the Project Schedule Reporting Transaction Set (806) to link schedule and maintenance action information as well as with the Specifications/Technical Information Transaction Set (841) to link maintenance-related, media independent, technical data.


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