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x12 500 Series EDI Transaction Sets

Below is a list of x12 500 series transaction sets that we process and transmit between numerous trading partners.

The transaction sets below have additional information which is accessed by clicking on its name, all information is provided from multiple sources including the Accredited Standards Committee X12. ASC X12 Standard [Table Data]. Data Interchange Standards Association, Inc.

EDI Medical Event Reporting (500)

This standard can be used to make voluntary, mandatory, baseline, annual and semi-annual reports on medication and medical device adverse effects and product problems.

EDI Vendor Performance Review (501)

This bi-directional transaction set can be used to request and receive past performance information. The transaction set may also be used to challenge the validity of the information received and to respond to challenges.

EDI Pricing History (503)

This bi-directional transaction set can be used by a purchasing party or vendor to request pricing history information for an item. The transaction set can also be used to respond to a request for pricing history information.

EDI Clauses and Provisions (504)

This bi-directional transaction set can be used to request or respond to requests for clauses and special provisions.

EDI Requisition (511)

This transaction set can be used to requisition needed material and equipment from a supply distribution system for immediate consumption or storage against projected requirements. The originator can also use this transaction set to amend or terminate the original requisition. This transaction set may be used to convey a description and quantity of the required material, delivery and billing information, and other logistics information necessary to evaluate and meet the material needs of the originator. This transaction set is not used to establish a contractual relationship between trading partners, and may precede the use of a purchase order.

EDI Material Obligation Validation (517)

The material obligation validation transaction set may be used to: (1) verify the continued need for open orders, (2) confirm open order quantities and order priority, (3) request reinstatement of erroneously cancelled open orders, and (4) validate Government Furnished Material (GFM) orders. The transaction set may convey a description of the material, the urgency of need associated with the transaction and quantity of required material. This transaction set is bi-directional between trading partners.

EDI Income or Asset Offset Transaction set (521)

This bi-directional transaction set can be created by an agency or entity to require an employer or asset holder to withhold and deliver assets or income on behalf of a person or entity to whom they are owed, as in a levy, lien, or garnishment. It can also be used to confirm or modify a prior notification. This transaction set can also be used by the employer or third party to report the ability to comply with the requirement and the terms of that compliance and may be used to initiate an electronic funds transfer in order to satisfy the requirement.

EDI Material Due-In and Receipt (527)

The transaction set can be used to provide advanced notification of scheduled material receipts, to report receipts, and to inquire about the status of receipt reporting.

The 753 transaction set is commonly used to request routing instructions and provide general information about merchandise that is available to be shipped.

The 753 Request for Routing is required by buying organizations that have taken control of their inbound transportation process in order to reduce transportation rates and better control their inventory. The buyer, rather than the supplier, plans shipping and controls the relationship with the carrier. We currently use this document with Amazon to enable a more efficient process of shipping items to their distribution centers.

EDI Logistics Reassignment (536)

This transaction set is used to provide information necessary to transfer management responsibility between an old and new managing organization. This transaction set may be used to convey a description and quantity of the transferred material, specific inventory locations, product quality information, technical data, open contract information, demand data, procurement history, and other information necessary for the new managing organization to evaluate and meet the material needs of customers.

EDI Notice of Employment Status (540)

This standard can be used to notify government agencies or authorized parties of the identity of newly hired employees, of the termination of employees, or to confirm employment status. The transaction set may also be used to convey this information between authorized parties, or to convey responses from the agency if necessary.

EDI Contract Abstract (561)

This transaction set can be used to abstract a new contract, abstract a change in terms of a previously abstracted contract, or to correct a previously transmitted abstract. This bi-directional transaction set includes the information necessary to administer a contract, including modifications and corrections to that contract, and provides an acknowledgment mechanism to enable management of the contract administration process. This transaction set is typically used internally within a business entity as a post-award management report, when the purchasing and contract administration functions are separated within that entity.

EDI Contract Completion Status (567)

This transaction set can be used to report administrative closure status on completed contracts. The originator can use this transaction set to close contract files, to indicate why contract files will not be closed within established milestones, or to extend contract closeout milestone dates.

EDI Contract Payment Management Report (568)

This transaction set can be used to enable the transmission of a management report to provide the details of payments and collections made against funds obligated on contracts, orders, and other services.


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