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EDI Compliance

 Compliance is critical in the world of EDI. Your trading partners will not tolerate transactions with late or incorrect information and will likely issue a "charge back" - a fine of $20+ per incorrect transaction. Our services encompass all of the steps required for bringing a trading partnership into production as accuracy is imperative.

Compliance - the Business Processes

 An analysis is performed and specific recommendations are provided to ensure that your company is in full compliance for all of the essential parts of the operation that are intermingled with EDI. Our service includes an analysis of the data transmission volume and the number of trading partners in order to decide the most effective way to transmit your data to us. After a particular method has been selected, our staff proceeds with the setup and configuration of the EDI mailboxes and/or direct connections, and completes the corresponding communications testing. Each trading partner is unique in terms of its logistics and general operational procedures, therefore as a result of our analysis we will provide a custom solution to meet all requirements and reduce costs.

 Testing is a critical requirement before starting EDI with any trading partner and lays the foundation of the whole process.

 It will enable us to identify potential limitations for the transactions that will be traded and then we will prepare a set of guidelines for you the customer to follow. During our testing period we look at how your companies processes its data so we can potentially offer cost effective solutions which would optimize the overall business workflow. Basic results of thorough testing are improved system performance, data processed more efficiently, minimize costly errors due to data exceeding guidelines and a much improved return on investment.

 Testing of non-EDI documents - Examples of non-EDI documents are labels and manifests, to name a few. At this stage, it is important to do a thorough examination of additional elements like bar code styles and document requirements in addition to EDI. After testing has been satisfactorily completed, it is necessary to switch the trading partner into production, which will require the coordination of different parties and groups in each organization and the establishment of operational procedures. It is important to audit initial transmissions and maintain contact with trading partners. It will also still be necessary to monitor and regularly check for compliance with trading partner's specifications all of which is part of our service.

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